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Tracy Ginn

Short bio:

As a small child growing up in Connecticut I was always creating and exploring the world of art. I earned my BFA from the Portland School of Art/MECA In Portland, Maine, and MSE from the College of New Rochelle, New York. I taught special education in New York City until I realized teaching art was more my true calling as a teacher. I have been an art teacher of all ages from pre-k to adults and enjoyed every minute. The greatest job in the world for me is teaching art and sharing the joy of exploring visual expression with others. 


About my artwork:

My paintings are an evolution, from complex land- and cityscapes to a voyeur's street gallery of arcane scenes witnessed in an ever-changing environment. I'm passionate about capturing the simple psychology of uncommon people in common culture and equally as excited about the everyday light of nature in its dramatic shifts. People and landscapes move me: from the quirky lady with floppy, flowered sunhat and oversized handbag at the crosswalk, to a street messenger swathed in colorful scarves skating down a bustling avenue. My sources are random, from snapshots taken of urban life to pencil sketches or mother nature.


With my oil paintings I use a glazing style that incorporates small amounts of color in clear glaze washes over selected areas of the artwork, a technique that captures the color brilliance intrinsic to the luminosity of this medium. Occasionally, I will venture outside to study color with oil pastels or paints, and find that playing with the fleeting light of a natural landscape affords spontaneity as well as focuses my attention on the immediacy of light. Intricacies of life generate my curiosity, from the glittering glow of night waves to city-street dwellers in noon-day glare; I'm witness to wherever my curiosity ventures and open to the stage of characters and colors that unfold.

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