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Ebbing Waves 2013 pastel 17x23 inches

Night Ocean 2013 pastel 15x21 inches 

David's Wall 2010 pastel 13x18 inches

Golden Pond Reflection 2012 pastel 9x11 inches

Seabarn Snowy Backyard 2011 pastel 13x18 inches

Pond Cove Ebb 2013 pastel 15x18 inches

Red Pond Reflection 2012 pastel 10x11 inches

Dusk Night Waves 2012 pastel 15x18 inches

Shore Road Marsh drive 2012 pastel 24x26 inches

Midnight Cove Wash 2012 pastel 12x12 inches

Pond Cove Autumn 2011 pastel 12 x 16 inches


Azure Beach 2019 pastel 12x 20 inches


Ballard Street Backyard 2019 pastel 20 x 26 inches


Afternoon at the Audubon 2019 pastel 20 x 26 inches

Willard Beach Fish Shacks.jpg

Willard Beach Fish Shacks 2022 pastel 16 x 20 

Williard Beach Fish shacks 2.jpg

Willard Beach Fish Shacks 2, 2022 pastel 16x20

Heading 1

Pilgrim Lodge Dorrey.png

Pilgrim Lodge Dory 2022 pastel 16x20

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