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42nd Street Eloise 2009 oil 16x20 inches 

5th Avenue Messenger 2009 oil 10x10 inches

Port Authority Leopard Lady 2013 oil 8x10 inches

Boy on the Phone 2011 oil 12x16 inches

Taxi Walk 2014 oil 14x18 inches 

Billboard Crossroads 2013 oil 12x16 inches

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Baker Beach Walk 2015 oil 16x22 inches

Mannequin Man 2014 oil 16x16 inches

Coney Island Danny 2008 oil 8x10 inches

Halloween Angels 2015 oil 8x10 inches

Yellow Laurie 2015 oil 22x26 inches

Tompkins Square Park Musicians 2011 oil 8x10 inches

Elephant Walk 2012 oil 23x23 inches

Taxi Cab Confession 2014 oil 28x28 inches

DSC_0017 (1).jpg

Times Square Audra oil 8x10 inches


L Train 2019 oil 11x14 inches


Not in Our Schools - Triptych 2020 oil 8 x 24


Mercy Quest - Diptych 2021 oil 32 x 40 inches

Tracy Ginn- The Essentials.jpg

 The Essentials - Diptych oil 2022 oil 10 x 22

Headingvfdfdger 1The  ifejh[FEhi;fewhI'FW3

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